Covid 19 – Good News April 2020


We’re sure that by now you‘re, like us, fed up with being bombarded by the doom and gloom of Covid 19. All that negativity every time you open social media, the news or simply talk to a friend on the phone. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to find some positivity amongst all this darkness and my god did we find a lot.

So, if you are in the mood for a little pickup, if you are looking for some positivity then read on. Here are our top finds. Good news around the world, good deeds and even some weird animal sightings. Enjoy.


 1. Amazing Recoveries

As we’ve all heard, the virus is affecting the vulnerable and people over the age of 70 a lot worse. However, there have been some remarkable recoveries in people that fit this demographic. Amazing recoveries of people that said NO and fought on like champions.

– In the US, William Lapschie, a WW2 veteran overcame the virus in time to celebrate his 104th birthday earlier this month.

– A 102-year-old woman from Italy has also made a full recovery. After contracting the virus and spending 20 days in the hospital, she is said to be free of the virus. She is thought to be the only known person that may have lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic 1918/1919 as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic. What a hero!

These are simply some of the few amazing stories of miraculous recoveries that we came across. There were so many more.

2. Germany helped thy neighbours

Every country has been struggling during the COVID 19 pandemic, however, if one country has shown us all how to properly react and react well, it has to be Germany. In this time of crisis, they have stepped up and provided ICU Hospital beds for Italy and France.

3. 99-year-old WW2 veteran raises £27 million for NHS

We all know him as Captain Tom and are all familiar with him now. However, there was no way that we could leave this hero of our list. Captain Tom Moore set out to complete 100 laps of his garden in a bid to raise an initial target of £1000 for the NHS. As he began the challenge with the help of his walking frame, the donations poured in and he ended up raising a massive £27million. Motivated by his initial success he is going to challenge himself to another 100 laps to raise further funds. What a hero!

4. Leonardo di Caprio Establishes a Food Fund, US

The Hollywood movie has teamed up with the likes of Laurene Powell Jobs and the Ford Foundation and founded a food fund in the US which will aim to support the people that need it the most.

The food fund was kickstarted with a sizeable donation of 12million US dollars and since then the donations have been rolling in. Among the donors is Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, who donated $100million.

5. One World: Together At Home is a huge success!

One World: Together at Home’ is the live concert Lady Gaga has recently curated for us all together with the Global Citizen Organisation. It was streamed globally on the 18th April and featured performances from Lady Gaga herself, Billie Eilish, Elton John, Lizzo, Stevie Wonder and more all of whom performed from their homes.

Lady Gaga and the Global Citizen Organisation have already raised $35million for the World Health Organisation. This money will support the COVID-19 Response Fund, which will, in turn, support the supply of PPE, testing kits and other essential equipment globally.

6. Run for Heroes a success!

Run for Heroes has been encouraging people to get out running and donate £5 which goes to NHS Charities Together. They are asking people that have taken part to then tag 5 of their friends on social media and challenge them to join in. All proceeds go towards helping the welfare and wellbeing of the NHS staff fighting COVID-19 on the frontline. It will provide things like well-being packs for workers and volunteers in hospitals as well as staff and volunteer travel, parking and accommodation expenses.

Remarkably, they smashed through their initial target of £5k in just 4 days. Consequently, they set a new target of £2million, which they have also surpassed and the figures are still rising.

7. Dolly Parton gives us all a little Faith

It’s heart-warming to see that so many celebrities are stepping up to help the world out. One of them is none other than Dolly Parton.

She donated $1million to Vanderbilt University in Tenessee to support COVID-19 research. This will hopefully get us one step closer to a ‘cure’ for the virus.

8. Bride and Groom Donate Wedding Meals to NHS

A Bride and Groom recently had their wedding reception cancelled like many others have, due to the coronavirus.

As a show of gratitude, this couple decided to donate the food they had ordered for the celebration. As a result, more than 400 NHS hospital staff were fed in style in Hull.

9. Mystery Man Buys and Gives Out Flowers to Whole Town

An anonymous customer rang up a florist in Massachusetts USA just before they were forced to close for the lockdown. He bought all the flowers in the shop and had them delivered to the inhabitants of Needham town.

The florist owner Julie Ben-David was left speechless by the generous act of kindness.

10. Hundreds of Thousands of volunteers Sign up to Help NHS

NHS England together with GoodSAM have been recruiting fit and healthy volunteers to help the most vulnerable people through the COVID-19 crisis.

Members of the public can sign up via this scheme to help out by delivering food and medication or driving patients to appointments. They can also help out on a telephone service aimed at reaching out to people who may be lonely or vulnerable during this lockdown.

The response to the scheme has been overwhelming. They have had to pause recruitment on 29th March to enable them to deal with the 750,000 applications they have received thus far.

 11. Pubs Donate Food to NHS Staff

The lockdown has forced pubs and restaurants to close their premises for the lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

On the first day of the lockdown, some of the pubs around England kindly donated their perishable goods to the NHS and thus fed and cheered up hard-working staff.

One such pub is The Grove in Balham. They delivered sandwiches and ice creams to the London Ambulance Service and NHS staff, a well-deserved treat.

 12. Cleaner Waters in Venice

Since the lockdown, traffic on Venice’s canals has plummeted. This is good news for wildlife. The waters are looking clearer than ever with shoals of fish, multi-coloured flora and even little crabs becoming visible. Cormorants have been spotted diving for fish in the now clear, calm waters.

 13. Reduction in Carbon Emissions

With fewer drivers on the roads and fewer planes in the air due to the lockdown, our carbon footprint has been markedly reduced. The price of oil has plummeted by about two-thirds since last year. The fossil fuel industry is being hit hard. This is good news for the environment as oil is the biggest source of the carbon emissions that are causing the Earth’s temperatures to rise.

Could this be the beginning of a new era where we change our ways and reduce our impact on climate change?

14. Wildlife gets Free Rein

The fact that us humans are hiding away in lockdown is giving wildlife free rein and they are taking full advantage of it.

With less road traffic due to the lockdown, the number of roadkill incidents will be markedly reduced.

Coyotes have been spotted venturing out to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Deer have been grazing near the White House whilst in Barcelona, wild boars have taken to the streets.

Back in the UK, goats have ‘taken over’ Llandudno in Wales. The goats have been running riot, strutting through the deserted streets, munching the gardens.

Wildlife is making a needed come-back and it is amazing to watch!

 15. Over Half a Million People Recovered

The news is constantly giving out terrifying statistics. We hear of the tragic number of deaths the virus is causing and the dreadful recession that is going to follow. In short, we get the worst-case scenarios.

However, there are also positive statistics, which are worth making a note of. One such example is the fact that there are currently almost 600,000 people that have recovered from the virus worldwide.

Furthermore, this actual figure is likely much higher as this only includes the reported cases.

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